Terms and Conditions

By purchasing from DPS/Rockstar Ready Tattoo Supplies/www.tattooproducts.com you agree to the following terms and conditions:

-Buyer is responsible for SAFE and KNOWLEDGEABLE use of the items being sold.

-Seller does not sell tattoo machines, tattoo power supplies, tattoo ink, tattoo tubes (steel, aluminum or disposable) to unlicensed or amateur users—SUCH ORDERS WILL BE PROMPTLY CANCELLED.

-Seller reserves the right to cancel orders at any time for any reason and return money to Buyer.

-Buyers agree to submit the necessary information to Seller to help ensure fast order processing; failure to provide accurate information may result in shipping delays.

-Buyer acknowledges that some items are large and bulky and that such items may require additional shipping costs; Seller will inform Buyer of such costs before charging the Buyer's method of payment.

-Tattoo inks, needles, and disposable tubes are STERILE when they leave Seller facility and as such CAN NOT BE RETURNED by Buyer to Seller for the safety of all clients; please ensure that your order is accurate.

-Final prices are subject to change at any time. Buyer will be notified of any changes before capturing payment and shipping.

If we have not made it clear already:

DPS/Rockstar Ready Tattoo Supplies/www.tattooproducts.com sells tattoo supplies to PROFESSIONALS only. We research each first time buyer and will not hesitate to call, email, Facebook and do what ever it takes to ensure that tattoo supplies are not sold to non-professionals.