Return Policy

As stated in our Terms of Service the following rule applies to all purchases:

-Tattoo inks, needles, and disposable tubes are STERILE when they leave Seller facility and as such CAN NOT BE RETURNED by Buyer to Seller for the safety of all clients; please ensure that your order is accurate.

-We are committed to providing our customers a great experience and a great product; we will strive to correct any mistake we make with fast and responsive customer service.

-In the event that a product is defective and is something we ourselves do not manufacture, we will work on your behalf to get the item replaced and seek redress from the manufacturer on your behalf, except for some handmade goods which may require the you (the buyer) to contact the manufacturer directly, in which case we will help you in obtaining that manufacturer's contact information.

-If you are unsatisfied with our product's quality, we will ask that you pay for shipping the item back to us for inspection. After the goods are received we will promptly refund you the money or replace the items with similar valued goods, whether that be identical items or different items entirely.

-Occasionally, our shipper UPS may lose, or damage items; these circumstances are beyond our control, but we will work aggressively with you to get the items replaced and/or credited back to you. We have an excellent relationship with UPS and will work hard to resolve any issue our customers encounter.