Powering your tattoo machines takes a reliable power supply that you know will stand up to demands. Purchasing the right power supply is key. Things to keep in mind:

Tattoo Machine: Some power supplies are recommended for certain types of machines. Be sure the one you choose matches yours.

Voltage: The higher the voltage, the more power you get.

Support: Do you need the power supply to support one machine? Two? More? Check out the specs on the power supply to see what it is capable of supporting.

Size and Weight: Portability can be a factor for some as can the amount of space available. Think about weight and size when choosing the right power supply. All of these features will play a role in what you should choose for your power supply. Bottom line is you need your tattoo machines to perform at optimal levels and that requires a dependable power supply. See what’s available below.

Critical CX2-G2
2 year warranty
Made in the USA
Critical CX1-G2
2 year warranty
Made in the USA
Silver Digital Power Supply
Displays volts, duty and current for traditional coil machines.
Talon Digital Power Supply
This product is made in the USA and comes with a 1 year warranty.