Power Supplies & Accessories

Tattoo Power Supplies and Accessories

Tattoo machine power supplies, digital power supplies, analog power supplies, footswitch and clipcords

Critical Universal Receiver US
Works with Critical wireless pedals
Critical XP-W Wireless Foot Pedal
2 year warranty
Critical CX2-G2
2 year warranty
Made in the USA
Critical CX1-G2
2 year warranty
Made in the USA
FK Irons Darklab Footswitch, Black
Heavy Duty Precision Footswitch, Guaranteed for life.
Traditional Clip Cord
7ft, High tension
Black Talon RCA Clip Cord
Handmade in the United States, 1 year warranty
Round Footswitch
Sturdy construction with wide contact area
Talon High End "Pallino" Clip Cord
Made in the USA 1 year warranty
Standard Footswitch
Standard Flat switch
Silver Digital Power Supply
Displays volts, duty and current for traditional coil machines.