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Ink Fixx Tattoo Aftercare is the only product without any unnecessary ingredients. While being the only product available whose rich blend of vitamins and minerals rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells naturally. Ink Fixx tattoo aftercare never uses any petroleum, fragrances or dyes ... EVER! Ink Fixx is the natural way for healing tattoos better and brighter than ever before.

Ink Fixx Tattoo Aftercare Ingredients:
*Soy Oil - Great skin softener and moisturizer.
*Bees Wax - Ink Fixx base instead of petroleum.
*Cocoa Butter - Soothes & moisturizes skin.
*Glycerin - Humectant & moisturizer.
*Vitamin A - Skin cell rejuvenator. Promotes new skin cell growth.
*Vitamin C - Skin cell protector, enhances Collagen production. restructures and maintains skin suppleness and elasticity. Also reduces the formation of imperfections (scar tissues).
*Grape Seed Extract - Anti-oxidant protects and strengthens skin tissue. Reduces inflammation. Protects 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and is an anti-inflammatory.
*Methylparaben/Propylparaben - Preservative.


If allergic to any of these ingredients DO NOT USE. If irritation or discomfort occurs stop use and consult your tattoo artist. Store at room temperature. When searching to heal your tattoo safely, beware of the following ingredients in any tattoo aftercare:
*All Fragrances
*Tea Tree Oil
*Comfrey, Sea Salts, Alcohols

These products do more harm than good. They are not intended for healing tattoos or an alternative for it.
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