Tattoo Disposables:

Tattoo supplies and equipment like barrier film, tongue depressors, applicators, razors, lap cloths and more.

Clear machine bags
Clear Machine Bags
1000 bx

tattoo machine bags, rubber band
Machine bags with rubber banded bottom
100 per box
6 inch by 8 inch bottle bags
Bottle Bags 6x8
1000 per pack

Roll of tattoo machine clip cord tubing
Clip Cord Tubing
1200 ft roll

3 inch clip cord sleeves for tattoo machine cord
Tattoo clip cord plastic sleeves
250 per box , 32" long

Blue barrier film
Blue Barrier Film
1200 ft per roll
$14.95, 6 for $82.50

6 inch wood tongue depressors
Tongue Depressors
500 per box
$5.50, 10 for $45.00

Sterile tongue depressors
Sterile Tongue Depressors
100 per box

Sanitary transfer applicators for marking piercings
Sanitary Transfer Applicators
125 per bottle

Cotton tip applicator sticks
Cotton Tip Applicators
$6.75, 6 for $30.00

Sterile Cotton tip applicator sticks
Sterile Cotton Tip Applicators
$5.00, 6 for $24.00

Long roll of table paper
Exam Table Paper
21" x 225'
$4.95, 12 for $42.00

Poly backed lap clothes aka dental bibs
Poly Backed Lap Cloths (Dental bib)

Acrylic bib/lap cloth holder
Acrylic Bib Holder
Easy to clean, hard plastic

40 inch by 48 inch drape sheet
Drape Sheets-Blue
$22.00, 3 for $57.00

Poly/plastic arm sleeve for tattoo artist
Poly Sleeves, barrier protection

Poly apron for tattoo artist
Poly Aprons
100 per box
$6.50, 3 for $17.25

Ear looped face mask for tattoo artist
Ear looped face masks
50 per box
$5.50, 10 for $45.00

Single use disposable razors
Razors- Double Edged
100 per pack
$10.50, 10 for $85.00

Sterile skin markers
Skin Markers- Sterile
Great for Free-Hand Work
$1.50, 10 for $13.50

Finger cots for tattoo machine power supply dial
Finger Cots
Barrier for Power Suppy Dial, 100 per pack
Size "Large" "Medium" "Small"
$3.00, 6 for $15.00

non sterile skin marker
Mini XL Prep Resistant Skin Marker
Non-sterile and prep resistant for stenciling and free hand tattoo work.
$1.00, 6 for $5.00

5 ounce rinse cups for tattoo artist
Rinse Cups-5oz
90 per sleeve
$3.00, 10 for $19.90

Dri-loc bandages for tattoo aftercare
Dri-loc Bandages
2,000 per case

If you are purchasing items in the state of California, please be sure to read the following:
WARNING: (pursuant California H&S Code ?25249 and B&P Code ?17200 & ?17500): Minerals, metals, organic substances and chemicals may be used in the manufacture of tattoo ink, which create the desired pigment of each ink color. Some metals used could include Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cobalt, Lead, Lead compounds, Nickel and Selenium, collectively referred to as toxic metals, each of which is a toxic chemical that is known to the State of California to be carcinogenic and/or may result in reproductive harm.

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