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Tattoo Equipment and Supply from Diversified Products Supplier

DPS Online Store carries the best tattoo products, piercing and medical supplies; browse through many of our tattoo and piercing supply categories. If there is a product you would like that is not shown here, please call us 1-800-292-3217.


Top Tattoo Inks
Fusion Tattoo Ink
Eternal Tattoo Inks
Starbrite tatoo Ink
Iron Butterfly tattoo Inks
Fusion Tattoo Inks Eternal Tattoo Inks StarBrite Tattoo Inks Iron Butterfly Tattoo Inks

Rockstar Ready Tattoo Needles Round Liner Tattoo Needles
Round Liners
Round Shader Tattoo Needles
Round Shaders
Magnum Shaders Tattoo Needle
Mag Shaders
Magnum Curved Tattoo Needles
Mag Curved
Rockstar Ready - Sterile Tattoo Needles on the Bar!

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machines
Handmade & Production Machines


Tips & Disposable Tubes

Machine Tips & Disposable Tattoo Tubes
Machine Tips, Grips & Disposable Tubes


Aftercare Products

Tattoo Aftercare
Ink Fixx, Mouth Wash & Medicated Soap

Power Supplies

Tattoo Power Supply & Accessories
Power Supplies, Clip Cords & Foot Switches

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies for tattoo artists like gloves and cleaners
Gloves, Cleansers, Sterilization Products

Tattoo Disposables

Tattoo Disposables like Barrier Film and Razors
Barrier Products, Razors & More

Body Jewelry

Body Jewerly like Captive Bead Rings, Labrets and Barbells

Piercing Equipment

Piercing Equipment and Needles

Infectious Control

Sharps Container, Bio-Bags, Glove Dispenser

Captive Bead Rings, Barbells, Labret Studs

Piercing Needles, Tools & Instruments

Sharps, Bio-Bags, Sharps Cabinets

Pathogen & Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Sketch Books

Sketch and Flash Books
Husky, Tattoocide, Discide, Sani Cloth
Mop Systems, Roll Towels, Spray Bottle Sketch Books and Reference books

DPS Your Superior Tattoo Supplies Store

Our products include, shop items, piercing and medical supplies of all kinds-and the list goes on and on. If you require it... the odds are we have it. If we don't we'll get it for you. We understand your needs and aim to provide you with the best service the tattoo industry can offer.

At DPS we provide the best service to our customers, while maintaining the most competitive pricing available. Whether you need Tattoo Products or Equpiment, Medical Needs, or just something to maintain a clean, sanitary place of business, DPS has it. No matter where you are, we will deliver your order on time and ready to go.

DPS Tattoo Online Shipping Details

Back-orders: On occasion, some items may be out of Stock. It is our policy to back-order out of Stock items and ship upon first availability, unless specified otherwise. If you do not want the items back-ordered, please let us know at the time of the order.

If you are purchasing items in the state of California, please be sure to read the following:
WARNING: (pursuant California H&S Code ?25249 and B&P Code ?17200 & ?17500): Minerals, metals, organic substances and chemicals may be used in the manufacture of tattoo ink, which create the desired pigment of each ink color. Some metals used could include Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cobalt, Lead, Lead compounds, Nickel and Selenium, collectively referred to as toxic metals, each of which is a toxic chemical that is known to the State of California to be carcinogenic and/or may result in reproductive harm.

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